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The Technology

The Technolgy

We have discovered a new cathode material for non-aqueous rechargeable aluminium-ion batteries (AIBs) that outperforms most other energy storage materials in AIB literature. AIBs use electrolytes made of chloroaluminates, which are non-flammable and therefore suited to various applications. The separator ensures the electrodes do not come in contact with each other and prevents short-circuit. In addition, the cathode's layered structure helps in the reversible intercalation of ions during the battery's charge and discharge. 

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The technology uses an ionic liquid as an electrolyte.

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Aluminium is the most abundant metal on the earth's crust and can be cheaply recycled.

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Sustainable Materials

All our raw materials have a stable supply chain and do not use any unethical or polluting metals such as nickel or cobalt. 

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