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About Us

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Our cells use aluminium, the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust, and avoids critical metals that have an unethical mining profile such as cobalt.

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Our technology uses electrolytes that are not flammable and suited for applications such as grid storage which is tightly regulated with safety as a critical design parameter.

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Our cells are fabricated using the same production infrastructure used in lithium-ion technology overcoming scalability challenges associated with other new batteries.

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Low Cost

Our batteries use materials that are used in a range of other applications, have a well-known supply profile, and are abundant. They are less susceptible to metal price volatility.

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High Performance

Our unique materials enable a much higher energy density (~150-300 Wh/kg) compared to other batteries used in stationary storage such as lead-acid and redox flow.

About Us

Safe, sustainable, high-density batteries

TasmanIon is a New Zealand start-up developing new aluminium-ion battery technologies suited for grid storage and portable applications.

Developed by researchers from Victoria University of Wellington, TasmanIon’s batteries aim to offer a high performing cell that is safer, sustainable, cost-effective, and scalable for a suite of applications.


Our Team


May Low

Operations Manager

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Dr Syeda Bokhari


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Dr Shalini Divya

Co-Founder & CEO

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Jonathan Harris

Research Technician

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Our Board


Prof Jim Johnston 

Founder Director


Stuart McKenzie

Board Chair & Independent Director


Dr Ashwath Sundaresan

Investor Director

Our Board

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